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Vérification issues

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Can someone of Unibet help me please

This verfication proces i dont understand it, I understand you need to verify everyting but almost 2 months waiting on money that I won, and they always ask me bank statements but I dont understand I had a prepaid card from n26 and i have put money with that Card on Unibet and now Unibet tells me that my card is business card and that I cant put money with that card on my account, but it’s a card on my name and I had just used that card because I lost my bank card that I always use, and On that prepaid card I had the option to Apple Pay and my other card hadn’t this function and now because of that Unibet froze my money 2 months, I dont understand really and now I have to show to Unibet bank statements of my prepaid card from n26, the sendings of proof of 70 euro that I topped up on my Unibet account. For 70 euro they are putting my withdrawns to freeze. I dont undestand it, Can someone from Unibet help me on my situation

Thank you

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