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18/09 freeroll chat


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Please see this thread for information about the freeroll. The ticket will be credited 60-90 minutes before the freeroll is scheduled to start. If you weren't online on the community for 10 minutes last week, you won't be able to get a ticket for this freeroll /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png

Remember that your alias should be identical or very similar to your community alias :)

The prizes:
1st € 250 Unibet Open Ticket
2nd € 50 Unibet Open Ticket
3rd-5th € 25 Unibet Open Ticket
6th-10th € 10 Unibet Open Ticket

+ a € 10 bounty on @JeppeL, @MarcoV and @testuser1


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Hey Unibet Community. Im playing the Unibet Community freeroll but I forgot to use my pokeralias for my Unibet Community alias that is Mr.V75.

The pokeralias I accidentally used in the Community freeroll is TheJoker64 which was the pokeralias I used recently I forgot to change that instead of for example MrV75. Sorry about that Unibet Community Itwas a honest mistake.

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So i was pushed to all in with my 24 to try to win bounty and thats it for me (bounty guy went with 76 why???😏). Few hands earlier i already see the bounty in my hands :cash: since ive flopped top pair, and then the bounty guy (Jeppe?) completed the flush :wow:

Good luck guys.

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