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How to report a login issue

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In the event of a login issue here on the community, we kindly ask you follow a couple of steps in order to solve the problem.

1) While having a browser open on your screen, whether it's Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, there's a shortcut to delete cookies and cache.
Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete on the same time - depending on which browser you're using, one of the boxes showed below will appear on your screen:

cookieschrome.PNG.656fbddd4eed697a4bb9e97f6d066242.PNG                cookiesIE.PNG.d711039083b1a417a8da29b912085a3f.PNG


2) Make sure that you've ticked the boxes as per the screenshots above.

3) Try to log in again.

4) If the issue still appears, please send us an email to contact@unibetcommunity.com with the following information:

- A screenshot of your login page after you've clicked "Sign in" on the community

- Go to supportdetails.net, where you'll see this page:


5) Copy paste the link in the red circle, and email it to contact@unibetcommunity.com along with a screenshot of your login page.

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this community is clearly three unibet workers faking a real forum. nobody is here. I tried googling 20 minutes and searching your website for actual e-mail or any address to talk to someone from unibet. No. Can't have any of that. 100 pages of bull❤️♥️❤️ only. why do you hide your contact information, why is it not easily accessible?

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Here's how to reach the "Live Chat or Email"


- Main Site Over the Usernam/Password boxes you have "Get Help" <- Click It.

- My account/Access-and-details/I forgot my password or any of the above/STILL NEED HELP? under is Contact Us and you get the option of "Live Chat or Email" i don't think you need to be logged in for that.



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I’m having error message reading “ technical issue please try again later”


I’m 99% sure I’ve never had a unibet account before and it’s the same error on my phone browser and my iPhone app.


It’s been on for 2 days.


Any help would be great


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