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How to withdraw money without it being ON HOLD?


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Hi @asf and welcome to the Community! 🙂

I think there’s no simple answer to your question. For me personally, there has never been any problems with withdrawals.

More generally speaking, there are various factors that influence withdrawing one’s money, for example, deposit/withdrawal method, new customer account verification status, country-specific things etc. It is also good to remember, that people more often write about their complaints rather than things that work. So, this might produce bias too.

To the best of my knowledge, clearly the most frequent complaints regards to withdrawal problems concern new members whose account verification process might be still ongoing or there are some issues with some particular deposit/withdrawal method.

Personally, I consider Unibet as a trustworthy casino. Of course there are occasional issues, but I understand it to be normal. And the issues are usually quite quickly solved by either the staff members here at the Community or by UB customer service (chat/phone/email).

Lastly, all the aforementioned only reflect my experiences and what I have seen here at the Community. Yet I hope, it can give some advise.


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