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Bonus game winning's not credited


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Was playing on Pragmatic's Rock Vegas slot last night, got the bonus and won ca 199€. However when i return from the bonus back to the base interface the winning's not added. This is just crazy, never experienced anything like it. No game freeze, No lag no nothing. The cash just did not appair in the balance. 

When i contact support, there is a system msg already explaining Unibet is having teqnicial issues(something im hoping explains the problem and will get fixed) what worries me though is that there is absolutty no gaming history from the duration of about 30min playing this game, not on my account, and not in the game itself. 

Has anyone experienced something like this happening before, and or can anyone from the Unibet support team explain what has happen? 

Truth be told...
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Hi @Devilfiiish,

No, I haven’t experience anything of what you described. Seems very strange 🤔.

Since you have already reached out to customer support, the situation is now known. I would probably try to sit tight and wait if the problem gets solved. If not, then try to reach customer service again. If there is some technical issue, it might very well explain your situation, and even the missing gaming history. 

Weekend is also ahead, so that might slow things down a notch concerning finding the solution. I hope this gets fixed as soon as possible! Keep us updated! 🙂

I’ll tag @Jami-Unibet just in case. He is currently on a vacation, but will be back after the weekend. He can check your case when back on duty if necessary. 

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