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I would like to request an account summary, what is my overall balance since opening my unibet account, I can see the history of my deposits/withdraws but I am not sure if those are all of them since I can't remember when I had my first deposit.

Can you send those details on my email?


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Hi @Gabi313,

and welcome to the Unibet community! 🙂

I think you are able to see your account history going one year back on your own (?). At least I can see my account history one year back.

If more is needed, the best (and fastest) course of action would be to contact customer support live chat (https://unibet-int.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch) which is open in English 24/7. Just explain what you need.They should be equipped to help you and send the information you want into your email.


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