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Biggest MTT change for years - and a Community Promotion


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10 hours ago, Stubbe-Unibet said:

Ticket Buy Tickets GIF by The Comedy Bar

Time for another ticket competition!

Predict the total number of buyins (including rebuys) in the very first ‚ā¨10,000 Title Fight tournament and get tickets for the rest of the week! - 6 tickets of ‚ā¨50. If no one predicts the exact number of buyins, there'll be two ‚ā¨50 tickets to the member getting closest.

You have until Sunday 23:59 to submit your prediction in this thread.

NB we've currently got 99 Title Fight tickets in the system.


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1 hour ago, Karmasuper said:

Look like the very first ‚ā¨10,000 Title Fight tournament¬† have rebuy deadline-20:48 CEST,so deadline¬† for predictons until Sunday 23:59¬†could/must be changed.


@Karmasuper The tourney starts 24th, Monday night. 

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