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Software freezing completely when I open the main hand history page


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When I go into my hand history tab while simultaneously playing games the entire client freezes. Thats all the games freezing as well as the main lobby.

This is happening virtually every time I open the hand history while playing.

This does NOT happen when I open the hand history for a single table (where you get the latest few hands from a single table)

Has anyone else experienced this?

FWIW I am playing decent volume so could have several thousand hands in a day that are loading when I go into my hand history. 

I literally just replaced my PC with a new model this month so I assume that its not that. Everything else on the computer is working great.

Currently I'm forced to exit every single game before opening the hand history which is annoying. Often at the end of a session when I'm down to only a couple of tables I want to look over the hands i played that day.

Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone have a solution?

Happy to give more info about the problem / what Im doing / my PC, my settings if that helps.

FWIW I am playing up to 8 tables at once, can be several thousand hands a day all on the desktop client.




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Hi @Wizard

I haven’t experienced same kind of a problem. Seems annoying though. (My playing volumes are way more modest, and I rarely use my PC for playing poker - more of a recreational player with iPad 😆.)

I’ll tag @Stubbe-Unibet from the poker staff - he probably has some clue what’s happening!

Maybe other guys from the community can also share their experiences, if they have any solutions or help to offer.

GL solving the problem!

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Hi  @Stubbe-Unibet

I just tried to replicate the error as a test for 2 mins and ofc the software works perfectly...

Sent you my PC details and the poker log anyway, I think I had a crash yesterday but they all blend into each other so I'm not 100%.

FWIW this generally seems to be happening after I have already put in significant volume that day, so the client is suddenly loading up to 7000 hands for the day while simultaneously running 8 live tables. 

Curious if other people putting in high volume are getting this issue.

If its just me getting this issue then either I'm doing something wrong, or I just have to accept that I cant review HHs until I finish the session (and possibly restart the client).

If other high volume regs are getting this then it seems more likely its an issue with the client. 

Thanks for your time.



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I don't think it's volume related, just had the client freeze up after playing just 2 tables at a freshly opened client and trying to open the HH page..  In my experience the hand history page is just always super broken during these DDOS attacks. My simple recommendation would be to just not open the hand history page during playing atm, when the DDOS attacks will stop I'm 99% confident you won't have any problems again 😉

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@comanimal thanks for the input! 

Yeah seems like  it’s a DDOS related issue, not a volume one. 

Im gonna just play and avoid opening the hand history tab for the moment. Can still check the history after the session once I’m not playing anything.

As you said I’m sure it resolves soon!

GL at the tables!

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