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Never agree to be paid on your Unibet account !


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Hello I finished ITM in the Belgian Open in Blankenberge. In the cashier they tell me if I wanted to be paid on my Unibet account. I said yes. I thought it will be faster but more then one week after I have the money.

The chat online cant answer ( the guy tell me that they gonna send an e-mail  I still waiting...) and here @Andy-Unibethad to check with the team.

I dont know what to check because I send the ticket with my winning and he has my name. 

So if you want to see the  color of your money dont be paid on your Unibet account. Always in cash or on your bank account.

I hope that my mistakes serves to somone else.

What if I cant talk in english I will completly lost. That is not acceptable.

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As Andy has mentioned by private message, he's waiting for the guys to get back with a confirmation.

We can't just credit thousands of Euro on an account when sent a picture of a paper slip 🙂

I am sorry for the delay and Andy will of course look into the process. I agree it should be handled faster, and I'm honestly not even sure how the process looks here, as Andy and I have never been involved in such payments from live events. 

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1 hour ago, Dr-Hookman1 said:

Always in cash or on your bank account

This is good advice even if they would have transferred money fast to account. None can say that you don't have to go through verification process once you try to withdraw those money so i see no point getting them to account unless one is planning to play with them.

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