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Verification Help!! No withdrawal is allowed:(


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Hello everyone I started playing bj in Unibet for three months. I was losing at the beginning but have started to win since 16-Aug.

By the end of 2nd Sept, I won around £1500. On 3rd Sept , I lose all the money back. Then I made a £1200 deposit just wanted to win it back and lose on that hand as well. I further made a £3000 deposit. Fortunately I won that hand. 

When I try to withdraw the money. It asked for verification and no withdrawal is allowed before the account is verified. I sent all the documents and waited for 4-5days now. 

To be honest I am quite worried because £6xxx is a significant amount to me and I am not allowed to get it back at this moment. And I have just moved to the UK and haven’t got a job in the past few months. I am using my savings from other country. I am not sure if it fits the requirements for the verification for source of fund.


@Jami-Unibet Could you please see if there are anything you can do to speed up the process?

I would be appreciated if it happens. Many thanks.

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1 hour ago, Taiman said:

To be honest I am quite worried

There is nothing to be worried about in regards of getting the funds. Once the documents are sorted the balance will of course be paid back to you. 

There's a good article above that FreedoM linked, I'd suggest to read through it as well. 

I'll let you know when I know more. 

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I have very similar problem because I have lost my debit card what I made only 5£ deposit to the account and I didn't make any pictures of the card. I asked my bank for proove that card was belong to me but they said they don't doing anything like this. So what I have to do now to unblock ???

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