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When it is straight away, it is straight away for both customer and casino. It should not be for one party only.


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Despite calling a few times and sending mails, they keep saying the same thing- you are on the queue for the verification. I have read many comments where people are been waiting for ages, thats unbelievable if they are correct with their claims and I hope their case complicated therefore it has been taking long. I have only been waiting for 48 hours and I am already annoyed where the same sensitivity  of getting payment is NOT shown when customers are paid. Remove the tag of ‘usually less than 48 hours’. Just put, “minimum a few days, weeks or months”. I hope I do not face the same issue. I did not withdrawn millions (where anti money- laundering staff goes on). I paid 5k and won 13k. Anything they say, i dont believe, I am myself an accountant and I know when the swift system asks for verification over 40k. Why I should be waiting for my payment for days? Dont say for sake of customer safety blablabla. The source of funds are already been filtered with the banks and government. When the payment source is ok, you should be able to pay the same channel. I told them that I am on my holiday, and it is already destroyed it  


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Your case is unfortunately not just a "regular" verification case. Those cases are generally handled with 48 hours (most within 24), but your type of case can take longer. Customer support are not able to give priority to your case. They are not responsible for verification, limits etc. and neither are they allowed to change priority of a case without very good reason - especially not when a case is chased several times while the timeline communicated hasn't been exceeded.

I totally get that it's frustrating and we are actively working on bringing down the resolution time of your type of case as well - cases taking longer than 48 hours are not in anyone's interest, and we only benefit from a smooth experience.

It is unfortunately not correct that we aren't legally obliged to request source of funds etc. Here is one of many examples of what happens when this isn't done: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/news/article/gbp9-4m-fine-for-online-operator-888. Regardless of you believing it or not - I understand it might sound like a bit of a cliché - it is a fact that these requests are done to be compliant and the ultimate goal is indeed to protect the customer. 

I hope for a swift resolution to your case, but there's nothing I can do to speed up things. Sorry!

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