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Moving to the Netherlands


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Hello all,


Starting November, I will move from Romania to the Netherlands.

Will I still be able to play poker with the same Unibet account?

My account is affiliated - will the rake races still be available?

Should I do something specific before I leave Romania in order to access my funds?




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Hi @spid3rix,

You will not be able to use your RO account to play in NL and you'll need to register a new account. Here is the information that appears during registration on the NL site:

"To be able to register on the Dutch site, it is a requirement to also live here. Naturally, the citizen service number (BSN) will also be required. This is also referred to as a social security number (social tax number). The BSN is the unique number for every citizen of the Netherlands. 

Need more information about obtaining the citizen service number? Follow this link ."

As it'll be a new account, it won't be tagged to your current affiliate so you would not be eligible for existing rake races.

I'd recommend withdrawing any funds from your RO account before you move to NL as you may have difficulty accessing the account once you move.

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