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No birthday bonuses

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1 hour ago, Joco said:

Happy Birthday mate!

I don't think you should be surprised by this. It is no longer the Unibet it used to be. Good bonuses are rare nowadays. (Thursday sport bonus is the only one I like right now.)

He's not surprised, just frustrated I guess. We did recently discuss doing a poker specific birthday offer - has been discussed in the past as well - but there's no proper plan in place for it just yet. I personally think birthday offers are a bit of an odd one - at least a global setup where everyone gets a bonus - but for poker it could make sense, if we can get it promoted to players that are primarily playing other products


Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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No, I am not frustrated.  I am dissapointed, this is the right Word. Because at Unibet everybody knows that it's an automated system that gives bonuses. But I can say myself that I lost so much money here and no bonuses received by the system. 100, 1000, 2000 euro or more in a day... Not a single bonus by the system. 

But in the end I must be happy that I am included in the automated bonus system right? Not everyone there. 

So of course it's even more strange that not even on Birthday day your account manager cannot give you something. 

Unibet is rated last in Romania regarding deposit and cashback bonuses...

Top gambling websites from Romania where I am in VIP Group like here they gave me from 100 to 400 euro today as gift.

Thanks all! 

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Here's My Idea:
 At the start of each Quarter, auto-issue Birthday Freeroll tickets for People that had their Birthday the Previous Quarter and run 3x Freeroll's in the present Quarter, one in the middle of each Month so People have Three Chances to Play at least One and can't say "Oh I Missed It". 🤔


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