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Verification taking too long... No response from support...


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Hey @pokergipsy. Afraid that info won't help you much, as it depends on the type of case, how fast customer sends in documents, country of customer etc. etc.

I don't have access to view all your case details, but from what I can see, latest update is from beginning of this month: "Received again a pdf. Still need a valid sep pa sent by post issued within 3 months". So, it looks like you haven't sent the required documents and the case is on hold and pending your action. The proof of address has to be one that's been sent to you by mail - not e-mail - and it should not be older than 3 months. If you have any questions to this, I suggest you reach out to the chat support 🙂 

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Hey @pokergipsy, moving our conversation to this topic.

Posted this in the other one: 

they have requested a proof of address that's sent via post. Do you have something you could send in?

Edit: So not a PDF or an electronic document, but a paper one?

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