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Return of the Magikarp!

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Hello guys long time no see 😃

I am back for a poker grind after months without playing. I am going to be grinding low stakes SNG's and building a ticket roll whilst keeping track of every penny spent!

My 'challenge' will begin Sunday once I've thought of some great goals/targets for the next few months

Great to be back, hoep you have all been well and looking forward tom seeing a few of you on the felt 😀

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Its a good try. I did it kinda the same way. When I opened Unibet up for try I actually started with 10 euros. I have usually help all bankrolls , kinda not totally, but almost fully separately. Imo Unibet is very soft and basically grinding tickets for SNGs is very doable since the edge can be so high. 


However.... I would keep in mind that its probably true only in the cent satellites. 

In real world playng satellites is rather something that skyrockets your varience curve A LOT... and many people dont realize it . I have myself years ago made a huge mistake making exactly that. Sats should be taken as shot takes for bigger games and treated with carefulness. If we talk sent sats, then dont take that much into heart, but just know that. 

You havent said your starting BR yet, but Im just gonna encourage you that its doable, since I started Unibet with super small even tho I had BR on others. 

Will be watching 😉


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Thanks @P0kerM0nkand @Estzen😃

Starting BR: €23.60

Starting ticket BR: €104

My goal for now until end of June is to play 100 SNG's and make 1c or more profit!

My second goal is to come out of it with a bigger ticket roll!

Very modest goals, just want to focus on playing again! If I get through this month then July I can set some proper targets! 😇😈

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I have taken few free days for myself now, and one guy I already help is pretty busy recently, so if you would want, I could offer to zoom with you maybe and perhaps go over some stuff if you would want some help? 


Just thowing it out, totally random thought line atm. 

Ticket bankroll, how many diffrent games? 

It would be also cool to know about some your poker history. 

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