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Casino Club Problems

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Anyone here received the rewards from the Casino Club last week?

Im waiting since monday for the support to give me my rewards dont understand why is taking so long.


They said is going to be yesterday at 18CET but then they told me to wait


Anyone received?

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On 5/7/2022 at 9:41 PM, misskrystal4 said:

i got a cash bonus on a Tuesday.  I read on Friday there should be a cash bonus. im curious to know how we can check our points, or levels or whatever so we can know what to expect.

You cannot check points.In the begining of the week they send you a email with the points.


Im still waiting for my rewards off the last week after i get Elite...

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Posted (edited)
29 minutes ago, Jami-Unibet said:

Hey @Feroxcaetus, I can take a look tomorrow, otherwise you need to be in contact with our chat I'm afraid :S

Hey Jami

Well all the help is necessary im afraid. its been 7 days and still no rewards, i wagered close to 60k.I tried the chat and the support but has been 7 days i think this is just too long

To resume it i received my rewards on the 11 18 and 25th of april and the email with points ( i get tier that weeks) i also receive the freespins on wendsday and the free cash on friday with no problems.

On the 2th of may i should received the rewards for being elite(60k wagered) and was not credit no freespins nothing.

Today i received the reward for last week but not from the week 25th of april to 1st may.

If you can help would be great 😉



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16 minutes ago, Jami-Unibet said:

I see there's an open case about this with the team and they are looking in to it. I'll pass you any updates I receive! 

Im just frustrated that such a simple question can take this long 😑


But tks for the help


Best Regards

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1 minute ago, Jami-Unibet said:

It's not actually that simple but I can't really get in to it as I can't see the communication you've had with our CS. :S 

To simplify its about the casino club promotion. i have always had my rewards when i get tier, in the week that i get elite (wagered close to 60k that week) wich has rewards of about 350€ there is a problem on the system wich excluded me  of the promotion.But then this week i get my rewards when im tier again....


I think that this is print simple to me....


There is no communication they just told me to wait this is 9th day of waiting.....

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2 minutes ago, Jami-Unibet said:

I know it seems simple as an issue but it's really not. And like I said unfortunately I can't dish out more information on a public forum. Anyways, I'm following the case and will update you as soon as there's an update.

i have private message you

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Just now, FunckyFish said:

You are getting 350 euro for 60k wager in a week? Where? At unibet? 

yes close to that. The casino club promotion.On a 60k wager on casino on monday you get like 200euros max on wendsday freespins and on friday close to 100euros

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