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Manchester City - Borussia Mönchengladbach postponed


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@Eiken wrote:

What if it gets postponed again? If I have that game together with other matches, what happens with that bet?  

Then the below rule applies.

Should the date for an event which has not started yet, be moved not more than 3 full days prior/following the original date and time previously issued by the governing association, all bets will stand, even if the new kick off time is more than 36 hours past/previous the original stipulated time. In case an event which has not started yet, is moved more than a full 3 days, or else, the event has started and an official result cannot be declared before 36 hours have passed, the bets will be declared void.

In other words; if the game isn't played within 3 days, the bet will be voided (odds set to 1.00).

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