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I got a tournament  ticket thru free spin and I registered for a tournament.
When the tournament started and I got a seat at a table, waited for sorting the table and then got a message that I finished the tournament at xxx place without even seeing my cards. Is that even possible ar fair?

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Maybe it was an all in tournament where there's no play involved.

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If you won your ticket in a free spin,most likely the tournament you are talking about is the UO Slot Flip,where everybody starts with 1 chip as stack.

Probably ,you got a bug just at that moment and couldn't see the card and you just got the message that you finished on xxx place.

You can check you hand history in section "tournament"and you'll get an idea about your hand in this tournament,,but if that's the tournament you are talking about,here is  the top 7,and you can still check the full list of players ,if you go to "Viwe full tournament schedule" and go right to the bootom of the list where are the "Completed " touneys.


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