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Unibet's Risk Free Bets Explained


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Let me ask this question here because I'm not sure if the live-chat agent was competent enough and for the purpose to help others with the same issue.

I received new insured-bet offer for Crystal Palace - Chelsea, but I have one active on Cricket (which is played for days) India - England.

My question is will my BGN90 bet (my own money) will be refunded, as there is no bonus money because the match is still in play?

The only info I get when I click "accept" is:

" If you accept you’ll lose all the bonus money from your active bonus – the initial amount as well as any bonus money you’ve won. Pending bets using bonus money will be cancelled too. "

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Hi @GothMoth,

You'll lose the ensured bet you have on the cricket match if you opt in the new offer, as you can only have one active bonus at a time. The ensured bet you have pending on your account expires on Sunday at 23:59 CET and the cricket match won't end before Monday as far as I can see.

Normally we wouldn't extend this kind of bonus offer, but the Christmas holidays are just around the corner and I'm having a good day so why not make an exception in this case 😆
I've created a new bonus with a longer expiry date - you can't use it on the match tomorrow between CP - Chelsea, however you'll still be able to use it after the cricket match has ended :)

I've sent you a PM with the terms and conditions as well (same as it was before).

Former community moderator
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