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I was wondering if anyone can help me I’ve been using two bank cards for my account now for a while now but decided I want to use only 1 bank account for my betting so I can see how much I’ve been spending so I’ve deposited £50 using the card I’ve decided to use for my gambling and decided after a few days to withdraw  some money what to my surprise it put my withdraw on hold when I’ve spoken to someone on live chat she said it had to be withdrawn from my other other card even tho I didn’t deposit the £50 on that card (the one she wanted me to withdraw from ) It’s not a biggie for now but as I say I wanna get my gambling all done on the 1 card does anyone know a quick solution to this .p.s I’ve explained to the woman on live chat that I’ve deposited with that card but she said there was nothing she could do and wouldn’t give me contact details for someone who could help me .

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