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From REC to REG to REC again

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As the title itself says, I am in a constant search and change. about 10-11 years ago I was a losing recreationist and I wanted to become a regular winner. I became a regular winner but I still didn't feel fulfilled, so the next goal was to become a recreational winner on other platforms and here I am on Unibet. Soon I started to fall in love with this platform and it became the main
platform I play. 
Because I have been playing on Unibet for almost 3 years, I decided to make a community blog to meet other Unibet players ,but also to help if necessary to develop this platform !!

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8 hours ago, Pionrj said:

Maybe this time. I was wondering during the tourneys already why did you play with that alias? 

I only had 5 minutes to prepare this stream and I forgot the alias, I realized while playing ...... I know I will not be eligible for the ranking 
but the joy of playing poker is more important!  I had come out of another stream to prepare this one !!
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