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Poker League 3.0 - The Poker League is back with great rewards!


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I hope everyone enjoyed the final day of the poker league yesterday!

@CristianPoker80 well done on finishing 2nd for a €250-Supermoon ticket! All came from €1 flips! GL in the target tournament.

@Merenitsu, @comanimal, @Pionrj: Well played, you all received your MTT-tickets as well!

Congratulations to our Head of Poker/Bingo Marketing on winning this prestigious SNG! @PokerBaffer👏

And on the freeroll tournament, I hope you had as much fun as we did and congratulations to @Rushbiewho took it down this time!

The next poker league in 2022 will feature more live streams - I promise - just building my setup currently 🙂


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On 9/22/2021 at 3:20 PM, Seb-Unibet said:

*The Top5 of each tier will also win 2 tickets of their stake for the upcoming UOS. eg If you finished 4th on the High leaderboard, you will get 2 €10 UOS tickets.

Hi Seb, if you have time, I think the community members wouldn't mind receiving those tickets as well 😄 

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You have all received 2 UOS tickets for reaching the top5 on one of the leaderboards of the community league.

The tickets have the same value as the tournaments of the community league on which you made it onto the leaderboard.

As an example: If you finished top5 on the €1 leaderboard, you have received 2* €1 UOS tickets.

@SShcherbyna, @Pionrj: Well done on making the top5 on two leaderboards. Therefore, you have received 2*2 tickets! 

The UOS will kick-off tomorrow: GL TO ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS!

And if you are eligible, check out for the Nordics Cup (if you are from the Nordics) or the Eastern European Hero today night!  Great tournament action on Unibet! 


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17 minutes ago, Ja-z-Polszy said:

@Seb-Unibet@Stubbe-Unibet mentioned something about 17.01 to start. I think its good idea, we can play all session on Unibet (some tournaments from winter fest + community league + any mtt who would like to play)

17th likely wont happen. Haven't really had time to discuss it with @Seb-Unibet yet.

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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On 1/13/2022 at 4:47 PM, Seb-Unibet said:

We have lots of MTT activity the next weeks with the MTT Festival starting next week, followed by the UOS.

I think the best timing for the next poker league will be after the UOS XV. 



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