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Poker League 3.0 - The Poker League is back with great rewards!


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Unofficial leaderboard by @Purps https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nAVuGEHNwTwOjhnjsDuip3cn42MlVTV8DNOJynWOpao/edit?usp=sharing

Good afternoon, Community!

I know it's been quite a while, but finally, I can announce the next chapter of  The Unibet Community Poker League.

Let me share all the details below. You will recognize most of the things because it is quite similar to the previous league, however, a few changes have been made: 

The schedule and details are not final now and changes can be made until the 1st of October 2021. Feel free to share any feedback on schedule, leaderboards, prizes:

Week 1: weareback

Week 2 & 3: flipament

Week 4: winnerwinner

Week 5: chickenbet

Week 6: tuuurbo

week 7: countdown

1 broke rebuy/re-entry allowed in all tournaments, unless other is specified.

€1 buyin


€1 buyin flip tournaments - Who is the most luckiest fish out there?


€5 buyin


€10 buyin



Added value (DK, SE, BE, DE excluded)
In order to qualify for any of the added value, you'll need to play with a table alias that is identical or very similar to your community one! - No exceptions to this rule.

Leaderboard prizes: (leaderboards):
You earn one leaderboard point per € won in the tournament. Leaderboards are split into LOW (€1), FLIP (€1), MED (€5) and HIGH (€10). Leaderboard prizes are paid in bonuspoints within 72 hours of the last league game.

Position Prize LOW* Prize MED* Prize HIGH*
1 €100 €150 €250
2 €75 €100 €200
3 €50 €75 €150
4 €25 €50 €100
5 €10 €25 €50

*The Top5 of each tier will also win 2 tickets of their stake for the upcoming UOS. eg If you finished 4th on the High leaderboard, you will get 2 €10 UOS tickets.

Leaderboard for the FLIP tier

1st: €100 Supernova ticket

2nd-3rd: €25 UOS ticket




Leo - The tournament Guru, Stubbe - The Product hero, Kris - The boss, Andy - The poker expert, Kat - The Marketing Guru, Seb - The marketing nerd  + 4 leaderboard winners (flip tier included)

Prizes for the SNG will be announced shortly!


The Double Jackpot

The flip tournaments are excluded from this part!

Win both tournaments of the same day and we ship a €1100 Unibet Open Online ticket your way! Finish in top 3 of both tournaments and you'll get a €250 Supermoon ticket (you can't win both tickets on the same day).
There's only 1 UO ticket and 2 Supermoon tickets up for grabs!

For the flip tournaments:

If you get lucky enough to win both flip tournaments of the day, you will receive a €250 Supermoon ticket.


Bounties on employees
We will occasionally join the tournaments, and when we do, there'll be target on our head: a bounty worth twice the buyin. These bounties are NOT automatically credited but will have to be claimed here in the thread. In the unlikely event that an employee should win a tournament, the next tournament with the same buyin will have double the GTD!

Chat giveaways and streamer playing for free
Every week, we’ll choose a streamer to be featured on the community, during the tournaments, and this community member will get 3 tickets for the tournaments of the day. If you plan on streaming, let us know in this thread, for a chance to be picked.

If a streamer manages to get into the top3 of a tournament while streaming, he will win three tickets for the upcoming week as well. If he streamed an event of the last week, he will get generic MTT tickets of the same value.

We also plan on testing out the new platforms chat capability, and don’t be surprised if there’ll be some giveaways on the chat. The chat and stream might not be up and running the first week. Updates will follow in this thread.




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15 hours ago, Ja-z-Polszy said:

Great news for long, dark evenings 🙂

What do you think about count some of best scores, not all.

I think its hard to play all events. Counting some of them gives more chance to 'sunday players' 🙂

I thought about this one, however, the tiers are locked to one specific day a week (I think it is fair and it is just this one day a week you need to keep free for the poker tournament if you play for the leaderboard). I also think that players who commit to the league and play more often should be rewarded with a better chance. 

For the flip tournament Friday - you don't need to be online - just need to register the tournaments on time 🙂

And finally with the current leaderboard formula, you will always have a chance for first place, even if you play just 30-50% of the events. Because with the formula: "You earn one leaderboard point per € won in the tournament", the chance will always be given (as the variance will be increased). It is more to play to win the tournament instead of just getting ITM. 

eg winning an event twice  >>>  4 times min-cashing an event.


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47 minutes ago, FreedoM said:

Good Luck and Have Fun to Everyone and remember to use an Alias that is identical or very similar to the community one, if you want the leaderboard points. 🥳


I didn't pay attention and registered with a random alias. Unfortunately it's already late reg now.

Anyways I'm dn37djdj3. Just sharing it for fun.

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