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Withdrawal problems

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Hi. I tried to withdraw Money, 1816026832 Id.

i Literally Don’t know Where my Money are stuck, 4 different people at live chat told me 4 different things.


one said they sent Money i will have them soon.

second one financial department is looking why probider didn’t send Money to my bank account.

third that Unibet didn’t send Money yet.

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46 minutes ago, Jami-Unibet said:

Hey @Andrej,

Depending on the checks it will take a day or two. I'll take a look at the case and follow it along and give you an update as soon as I have one. 🙂

Thank you very much 🙂 

But day or two is passed because they told me it is on security check since 7.9. When withdrawal was approved..


but I will Wait for Your answer thank you:)

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Hey @Andrej, the transaction shows as processed from our end so it's up to the provider and bank now. In the case the bank rejects it the provider will get notified who will then notify us. 

If you want, we can push the provider/bank but we will need a bit more information from you which I'll explain in a private message.

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