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Poker Summer Games - Who collects most medals?

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16 hours ago, Groggy said:

If someone finished in the same position twice, would they start the 16 man tournament with double stack?

No - multiple tickets or double-stack can not be won. You can only qualify once. If you finish first on two events, the only advantage is that there will be just 15 instead of 16 players!


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21 hours ago, Pionrj said:

@Seb-UnibetThose 2-day events doesn't have the campaign symbol on them, so are those included at all in this promo? 

They will count as well. Not sure what happened here that there was no campaign symbol on the tournaments. Thanks for forwarding!

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9 hours ago, Groggy said:

Not sure if supposed to comment when we place but came 3rd in the 10 euro PKO as 'Grogggy'.

Next week, I will check all tournaments for winners! 

Well done on your BRONZE medal 🙂 You qualified for the Bronze tournament as well as collecting the first points on the community promotion here. Congrats! 🍻

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2 hours ago, 100HourChallenge said:

Unofficial leaderboard:

1. Grogggy 4p: 1silver + 2bronze

2. Huddleboard 3p: 1gold

2. Dawajnaring 3p: 1gold

Community crushing it! 
I will raffle 3x €10 HexPro/MTT tickets (winners can choose between HexaPro or MTT) if the community collects over 15p till the end!

All players who posted their aliases here and played at least 1 event of the Summer Games will be included in the raffle!*



*Players from SE, BE, DE, DK excluded

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13 minutes ago, Pionrj said:

@Seb-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet 6-max shortstack is buged. Whole BIN goes straight to bounty. 

Now it's running there isn't anything we can do. The lobby does show the €2 is going on the bounty so information is correct, just not how we wanted to have it set up. With all the buy-in going to the bounty you're also not paying any rake so please accept our apologies and enjoy the rake-free event 🙂

Poker Janitor

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