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Sport betting not available on unibet platform

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1 hour ago, Sorin888 said:

What is going on with your betting application?Everyfing else is working well but I can not place a bet on sports

It's not working for me too. I have tried resetting cache & clearing cookies but still no luck.

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For me it looks ok whole day (had like 4 bets).

What triggers me is the livebetting mainly on basketball lines. I click on the over/under odds, by the time it appears on the betslip, the lines change already. Dafaq seriously... Like every two seconds. I understand that specially the o/u line change fast, but what makes it change when the attacking team dont even pass the halfcourt.

Its the same for 4-5 years at least, so i dont think it will ever be fixed, but really annoying. Every other bookmakers change the line, but only if there is any action. In this regard Unibet is by far the worst 🤓

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