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I'll introduce myself quickly.

29-year-old Belgian player with a passion for poker.

Before I play in another room as an unlit recreational full house. 
Afterwards I noticed that some could make a living from poker but this represents a very small percentage. 

I have met several players during know a few years who opened my eyes to a lot of things. 
In the meantime, I took things a little more seriously. 
They advised me Unibet for the smaller field and thus learn more regularly the late-game and the final tables.

I will be updating this blog fairly regularly.

In 2020 I am finally getting started on unibet, a very good start from 15 euros on the account. 
Unfortunately, I had to stop short of the road because of a death which infected me a lot mentally. 

In 2021 I resume full micro-limit with several breaks in session to resume my poker training.


I would be present on the 40K Supermoon after 3 qualification ( 1 SAT, 10 SAT, 50SAT ) i finally have the 250 ticket for 3 euros. 




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A fairly hard month with few volumes but i managed to deep run the black-hole in two days. 

The next uptade will be at the end of the month.

absent a few days but i come back in force in the middle of the week.






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Here is the evolution after my last post. 

I managed to win the 1€ SuperNova twice in two weeks. In the 3rd week, i acheved a 2nd place in the same tournament ( SuperNova ). A great victory for the LeaderBoard 5€. 

I hope that September will have some surprises in store for me. 

TOTAL: 1.000 MTT


Are your sessions going well on your side ? 

Good grind to all on the tournaments. 






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Two intense days with 6 final tables. 

Two 4th places on the Galaxy 2. I hope to win it soon, it is important for me. 
A victory over the Multiverse 1 for 33.84€.

I haven't really had any luck on the BlackHole, a few mistakes, but a lot of all-in that turns into setup. I keep the mind and remain confident in my game. 

A nice 3rd place on the LeaderBoard 5 fr 175.53, very intense as a tournament with very good opponents in front. 

19 days remaining to make a difference. 

In everyday life, i realize a lot of hours of study and i am delighted to be able to be on this launch, to be able to devote the sessions and the studies, for the moment i am holding up. I wouldn't hesitate to take a break in the meantime to get fit for UOS. 


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A beginning of UOS not very concluen for the moment on the UOS. 

In won a 25 MTT ticket for an upcoming UOS and i would be on some 5 without rebuy or add-on.


yesterday, i finished 5th on the black-hole, today a 3rd place after a flip that i lost but i took it pretty well, after all i won JJ VS AA to get there, everythings is relative no ? 🙂 

Still 13 days to do a performance; A lot of determination for the future. 

Soon i will receive an investment from a player to go to tournaments a little more expensive than usual and this will also allow me to correctly restore my volume. Since the delete of a few tournaments, the volume has also decresed. It comes at the right time 🙂 


Good luck all 🤩

BH 147.PNG

micro 2021.PNG

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I'm not really active at the moment, either in the community but also at the tables. 
Not particularly able to be motivated for the moment but i take advantage of certain times to be at the tables. 

Continuous training to which i reflect even more in depth and for those who consider that i am slow in my decisions, i apologize 😛 

I would like to discuss a bit with you at once, which taes places in HU ( Table final ) On an Open 2x and 3-barrel shove. 





I thereforer defend my K2o. 

On the flop, i ave the best height in my deck

Turn : I really have a decision to make and i consider the opponent to be active and not let go. I imagine they are ranged like JT J8 T8s 78 68s

After aving tank, i decide to mae a call knowing that i fold on J,T,8
Also, i believe K2 is clearly better than K8 K7 KT. 

RIVER : Being a weak card that does not change anything, the decision being to hero call on the mat. 
What do you think of this blow ? What would your process be ? 

I would sare the results of the season at the end of 2021.

Good skill on table. 


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It really is a question. If it's just to talk about being boastful, there's no point in commenting on this post.

You don't even know if the move is a winner or a loser, you might think that this will be my only " héro call " since i arrived in the room ? 
I just want to share a spot that is complicated for me. Otherwise believe me, i would have already posted a ton of posts with only hero call.

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So in the end, of you can give me a range of calls and your own process. 
I don't care if i lost or win, just that if i'm wong, i might as well not reproduce it again, right ? 

I prefer to be specific about thing. On a BET FLOP AND CHECK TURN & BET RIVER, i find a fold easier than on a 3-barrel

Normally, the player opposite is not supposed to bluff Kx river. 

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Would just fold on the flop. Call pre-flop is okay, but would never go down that road, in a spot like that you are merely guessing and all you have is a showdown vs some air. You are also pretty shortstacked, so it doesnt allow you to hero like that so much. 

Why are you imagining exactly only these hands? HU BTN could have almost every hand in its hand there is. And with that stack depth call, that 5 on the turn, is a better card for him that it is for you . Same thing with the 3. 


But in technicalities, its pretty hard for me to go too deep in analysis since I dont consider myself a strong HU player. Even tho I have studied some of it, but there has been many larger field success stories with ending up 2nd thanks to that. Probably in terms of Unibet, no problem be better than the field, but its really another world. 

From a past webinar that I have conspected, its suggesting to jam K2o vs a limp, with such stack depth but its not a limped pot for you. It might be okay tho, since it makes better Kx to fold with same logic. But yeah, in all other sense, calling down to the river seems bad. Thats I think something that can be confidently said. 


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1 hour ago, Wojaq said:

If this wasn't some passive player then this calldown could be quite standard. With no specific info just fold turn. Calling this a loosing play or bad calldown is just wrong.

The equity of backdoors, which there is none, already drops with shorter stacks depths. Which makes calling a rundown with 4 outs with an overcard, simply a suicide mission. 

If a passive player would bet, you'd wanna fold even more because his betting range is so much tighter. 


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player is far from being passive and had no limp strategy at this depth or beyond either.

I really don't see myself folding this flop with Kx which is way too strong. Turn the question really arises. Normally, this is supposed to be the optimal call spot on the turn against a player who is not afraid of a barrel but here we are in HU so that totally changes the decision. (I'm not trying to hit a Kx or a 2) It's really the idea of potentially being in front of sight that Ax is showing his hand.

Against a passive player, I fold without worries the turn or even the flop. (seeing that I dare to fold 3rd pair flop vs passive vs high bet knowing that even a good draw his check. He is far from reacting in this way.

thank you for your interventions, for my part, the players are quite mixed also between fold or call.

I will see if possible to simulate the HU spot but with 11 GB valid ram it will be complicated ..

After all, my level is not high but I am also here to learn.

pretty hard spot.
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Shove or 3-bet I'm not a fan at all even if we have the blocker.

Hand against after reflection I believe that folding the turn will be more judicious. Even though I notice bluffs, we should be at 96 value combos and 66 bluff combos. if we take the general trend into account, it will be a possible losing call.

hand against, fold on the flop, I would be too exploitable. I call that Q or 9 in value and I will have some draws. So you might as well add a good height that unblock the bluff range.

the low Kx in 3bet can be interesting with a better chip depth.
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Small Uptade. 


Continuation of my last performances. 


2th for 30.48€ 


1th for 43.55


1th for 60.38€ 


1th for 50.98



I really did two good runs on the blackhole 5:

3th for 124.01



Unfortunately a second place with a very good HU for 178.86




And that evening, i decided to launch the little multiverse of the night seen that i was in excellent run to finish with a victory for 35.37



Win a galaxy for 67.68



Very little present at unibet events is was not my priority but i did some one. I think i am breack but not enough volume achieved. Some nice ITMs but nothing more. 


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A little before 2022 I made the decision to stop playing poker for a certain period of time.

A recovery at the end of January - beginning of February. I had made a good start in terms of regularity in my sessions but after a week and a few days, I realized 9 days in a row being absent. Finally, I think my regularity is coming back little by little. A release that is hard to overcome.

So here is my curve for Unibet only, quite low volume for my taste but I have to up the limit for my volume, potential target for April - May.

MTT : 1.096 
ITM : 31%

TOTAL BUY IN : 4.634,35
GAINS BRUT : 8.545€
GAINS NET : 4.168,12




A fairly interesting start to the year with very little volume.

The month of March will be quite intense in terms of registered tournaments.

So far in terms of stats:

MTT : 66
ITM : 32%

GAINS BRUT : 567,03€
GAINS NET 341,03€



I wish you all good luck.


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Hello,  So Excited Flirting GIF

As some may have noticed, my blog is on break right now.

I will soon resume the news of this blog but it will be different from what I currently offer.
I think it's important to have some interaction in general to talk a little about our games or our mind and thus support each other.
For a certain period, I would have liked to propose this because mentally I was surely at my lowest, not because of poker but rather in personal mode which impacted my sessions afterwards.

A lot of work done on the mind as well as our MineSet in general. So in the end, I take this as an experience and which allowed me to have an axis of improvement to do.

In the shot sharing, it will be in image or video form, I would see the simplest. I plan to speak on my blog a little more regularly even if it will not be to absolutely share performances or the rest of the graph even if it will also remain, I will surely talk about my day, how I prepare myself before session and what I do after session.





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I think in the K2 hand flop is close, and turn and river would be standard folds. You could maybe make the call down against a maniac, but in that case there might be a real risk they would bluff a hand like K8 or T3 so it seems ambitious.

Also if villain has no limping range at this stack depth, that's a reasonably big leak that you can exploit by rejamming and reraising wide (unless they open overly tight pre in which case you can be happy for the free blinds).

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Dans un premier temps, je vous souhaite à tous une année où vos projets se concrétiseront au mieux. En effet, il y a un gros risque que les meilleurs Ks bluffent, mais quand je prends en compte leur éventail général, je pense qu'on a clairement un bluff catcher contre ce type de joueur. Contre d'autres, j'aurais clairement abandonné cette option. Notre kicker est cool en soi, débloquant tous les tirages en jeu. Ayant très peu ou pas d'Axe à cet endroit, mon Kx devient mon haut de gamme. Cela reste un coup assez délicat mais après avoir discuté avec de gros joueurs, l'avis reste mitigé dans son ensemble mais beaucoup veulent rattraper dans cette situation, nous aurons d'autres Kx à plier (Ceux qui bloquent les tirages par exemple).

Changeant de sujet, aujourd'hui je commence à travailler sous ICM. J'ai en effet ma propre gamme cEV mais pas de gamme sous ICM. L'ICM est déjà présent à 70-50% de gauche par exemple. La stratégie de la table finale, je n'ai déjà plus de range cEV mais en dehors de la table finale, j'étais encore sous cEV malheureusement.

Pour terminer mon message, je termine l'année positivement mais loin de mes objectifs personnels. Entre la dépression, les dettes, il fallait que je me débrouille au maximum et c'était assez compliqué. Mon rouleau n'a pas particulièrement augmenté avec mes retraits.

Beaucoup de travail m'attend et après cela, ce sera une mise en place de mes futures compétences.

My message is translated by an artificial intelligence, is it appropriate? I am starting to use this tool for x reason. Even though I am not a fan of this kind of technology that can harm certain sectors of work. But it is such a superior EV, writing emails, articles, newsletters, and all this in a few moments.

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Initially, I wish you all a year where your projects will materialize in the best way possible. Indeed, there is a big risk that the best Ks are bluffing, but when I take into account their general range, I think we clearly have a bluff catcher against this type of player. Against others, I would clearly have abandoned this option. Our kicker is cool in itself, unlocking all the draws in play. Having very few or no Ax at this point, my Kx becomes my top of the range. This remains a rather delicate move but after talking to big players, the opinion remains mixed in general but many want to catch up in this situation, we will have other Kx to fold (Those who block the draws for example).

Changing the subject, today I start working under ICM. I indeed have my own cEV range but not under ICM. ICM is already present at 70-50% from the left for example. The strategy of the final table, I no longer have a cEV range but outside of the final table, I was still under cEV unfortunately.

To end my message, I end the year positively but far from my personal goals. Between depression, debts, I had to do my best and it was quite complicated. My roll did not particularly increase with my withdrawals.

A lot of work awaits me and after that, it will be a setup of my future skills.

PS My message is translated by an artificial intelligence, is it appropriate? I am starting to use this tool for x reason. Even though I am not a fan of this kind of technology that can harm certain sectors of work. But it is such a superior EV, writing emails, articles, newsletters, and all this in a few moments

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