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Active bonus but no active bonus?

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Hi I have received several messages offering bonuses but I have been unable to accept any of them as my account shows on the menu there are active bonuses but when I go to my active bonuses there are none there. Could you please update my account so that I can use the bonuses thanks. Image attached.

unibet (2).jpg

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1 hour ago, Jami-Unibet said:

Hey @stan_b, what channel do you get these messages from? I can see 2 active bonuses on your account but it looks like they are stuck. Could you open the game Scudamore's Super Stakes and see if you have freespins available there? 

One was a message on the site itself - deposit £10 and get a 50% uniboost. I also had an email offer for 50 free spins on Scudamore's Super Stakes but when I followed it through there were no free spins there. I just assumed I didn't qualify so didn't take it any further.

I just checked on Scudamore's Super Stakes and there are no free spins shown.

Do you think you'd be able to unstick my account.

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