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Doesn't feel nice.


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Alrighty, I'm not one to easily hop on to the whinewagon, but this one is slightly pissing me off. 

I know it's reported atleast a million times, but here is one more.. 

No opponent, no choice to do anything. Closed the table and opened it again and it worked well, and only fold a ❤️♥️❤️ty hand during that time, so everything is good. 

I guess you could say that's some next level intuition folding AK from SB.


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i just agree but i think unibet is working on it.


i cant count anymore how many times it happend to me on 1day, for example i see yesterday ~900flops and i always multitabling. i could just remember yesterday night i did a ~2hours session and it was happen like 3-5 times because if i see it happend then i instantly close that table. it sucks so hard it was couple times on bb/sb when i close this table, that means just paying bb/sb and cant play/see the other rounds.

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