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Fly me to the moon - Community Freeroll to celebrate the launch of our new PKO tournament

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On 4/22/2021 at 4:05 PM, Seb-Unibet said:

Hi Community!

We have already announced that we will add a new €250 PKO tournament to our portfolio, called "The Supermoon".

The tournament will run on the first Sunday of every month. For the first time on 2nd of May at 20:00!

And we take Frank Sinatra at his words: FLY ME TO THE MOON!

To celebrate the launch of our new community, we want to give community members the chance to qualify for the Supermoon for free.


We will run an exclusive Community satellite tournament with €750 GTD.

1st - 2nd: €250 Supermoon ticket

3rd - 5th: €50 Supermoon satellite ticket

6th - 15th: €10 Supermoon satellite ticket

This exclusive qualifier will take place on Wednesday, 28th April, at 19:00 CEST. 

How to take part:

Everyone, who replies to this thread will receive a ticket to the exlcusive community tournament. You have time until Wednesday, 28th April at 12:00 CEST, to reply to the thread to get your ticket credited to your account. The tournament will appear on the lobby at Monday. You need to make sure to register to the tournament on time.

But that's not all, the two winners of the community freeroll who will qualify to the Supermoon have the chance to win another Supermoon ticket. If they manage to get ITM on the Supermoon, we will add another ticket to their accounts!


DE, DK, SE, BE players are excluded from this promotion.



Hi, this is brilliant for the community, many thanks.👏🎉❤ Please could I have a ticket to this freeroll?


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The timing's not quite right for this tourney but we'll enjoy it anyway. 🌕


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