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New community, new community poker league! - more rewards than ever

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8 hours ago, Jami-Unibet said:

Did you have to type out all the emotes manually or click them one by one? Kudos to you. 😄

I was going to add them using the emote icon, but the window closes every time you pick one, so gave up on that and just uploaded them all as pictures instead 😄 

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1 minute ago, cameleonul said:

@Stubbe-Unibet, we don't have to play with our community name anymore? I think it's important to know before the promotion starts.

Yes, you do. From the 1st post:

"In order to qualify for any of the added value, you'll need to play with a table alias that is identical or very similar to your community one! - No exceptions to this rule."

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On 4/22/2021 at 11:05 AM, Andy-Unibet said:

Unlikely, pah! All you community nerds are getting crushed!!

Good that you went to work for unibet to get steady wage, your poker skills ain't worth mentioning🤑

Don't know if your avatar expression is wrath or pain but get used to it...

PS. If there was bounty, show me the money!!!! 😋



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To bet or not to bet, that is the question.
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8 minutes ago, Merenitsu said:

2 h 30 min no AA KK QQ AK. lose vs KK. 0 lucky

@Merenitsu and still FT, Mere really you should stop this complaining at least in these games🤠

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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