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Quarter Challenge goal suggestion


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As we all know challenge points are reset every quarter.  Most players have an idea of how many points they are striving to achieve by quarters end.  Unibet also has an idea of how many points you're likely to obtain based on prior quarters. 

What about Unibet offering a "bonus" challenge once a year for a quarter (perhaps summer as volume dips).  Example-  A player is likely go get 50k points according to data analysis.  Unibet "challenges" that player to reach 100k points and if the player is successful he gets bonus money above what a player receives for reaching 100k points. 

The numbers obviously do matter but that aspect can be worked out.  The point is if a player could double his volume and receives a bit more "rakeback" then he should receive it still wouldn't be close to a losing propostion for Unibet as they'd profit more based on the extra volume.  The player would also win as well.

I'm not suggesting offering this promo to legit grinders but more for recreational and semi serious recreational players.

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