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Spin City has stopped working


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Sometimes on my Android phone I randomly get a popup 'Unfortunately Spin City has stopped working'.
This happens even when I'm not playing or doing something completely different on my phone.

Is there anyone else having this issue?

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Mine stopped a few times also but that was beacuse of:

1: Adroid uppdate from v 5 to v6 .

2: It want open totally because my location (outside EU) was wrong.

Also havent seen any promotion or alike for this app, maybe need a uppdate for it or just reinstall...

I just use Google Chrome on my Android for now.

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Thank you for letting us know about this issue!

I would very much like for you to try the following:

Navigate to settings -> Apps or Apps Manager -> Click on the top righ option Reset app preferences. Upon doing that, within the the apps manger you'll have to find the Spin City app and press Delete data and Delete cache.

It should solve the issue, but if you still experience the problem after following the guide above, please do let us know.

Promotions in this game works a different way, the reason there are no regular promotions is because we have the in-game currency gold tokens, these are collected by playing on the app and can be exchanged to free spins.


Former Community Manager
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