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Folding AA on the bubble after a bet and a raise. Yes or no?


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Depends on whether I d really need the money or not. It has to be a huge bubble to consider folding AA preflop too. Like 5 or 10k€.

But probably I would just 4bet all in (depends on stack though). The opponent will most likely fold as it is the bubble and he probably wants to cash as well. 

He will maybe call hands that you are dominating like AK, AQ (maybe even AJ). Or pairs like TT+ and you are a 4-1 favourite with AA vs any lower pair. 

If you really consider folding AA preflop, poker might be the wrong game (unless it is a satellite bubble and you will get the ticket 100% if you fold every hand, but thats rare). AA is - by far - the best hand and you can´t fold preflop because you are afraid to lose against I don´t know. Of course the possibility of losing the hand is given, but you never have a 100% guarantee to win a hand preflop.

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I agree with the bubble size of first money spots being the main factor, but this is tournament life not a cash game. So stack size would obviously factor in as well, but I could fold aces there if it means risking my tournament life. I prefer to bully on the bubble myself, but I almost never put my whole stack up preflop with no chips committed. On or before the money that is.
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