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Beyond a Joke, I go elsewhere for a decent game


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I know I said I wouldn't post on this matter anymore but the last hour and half's play on your poker site proves just why I intend to take my custom elsewhere. I frankly don't care what the usual suspects have to say, this is to warn the wider community, those who don't know and are yet to discover exactly what they are dealing with when playing at Unibet. I stress this is from 90 mins of play, with tickets only, not cash and the run outs are IMO total bull. I can take (multiple) bad beats, I realise it's a big part of the game, I play thousands of hands a week with Unibet exclusively, I grind almost daily to earn tickets and aspire to win a decent prize with them and have had great success winning tickets but when I comes down to the pinch point of finally hitting it big it simply doesn't happen. 

I've posted some hands below. This isn't a reasonable for a single 90 min session. The first three are from daily small regular satty, whatever. The fourth, having invested 0r1a in the uk tour 5 tickets gtd, right on the bubble. Just look at that runout AKh vs J3o!? The last two are from tonight's uk tour €50 final, in which I took an initial table lead (which the software clearly didn't like) and ultimately cost me the dearest ticket in my account. This is all after I bubbled the €250 tourney for the €1100 target tourney, 10tickets gtd (11th/37) last week. So you see, I'm not as numpty as you might assume, I do play my hands well (not perfectly, clearly) and research and act on relevant spots but when results occur in this fashion, I can only assume that it just ain't right.

You talk about protecting the recs, but all I ever see are the same names, every day, on your site winnning almost every hand they play, with THE wierdest hands and plays. It also easy to hide behind and deflect any Honest observations via sample size and variance but to clarify, this nonsense never happens in my favour because guess what, I don't shove 810os or j3os that regularly for tourney life cos yes, they are statically far less likely to win, even in multi-way pots -  that is unless you play Unibet.

Once I've burned my final few tickets, I'm off to GG. You can keep your transient donkeys. Good riddance.



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1st hand: not exactly weird to be calling with less than 2.5bb at this stage of the tournament when you've got pocket 9's. It's an 80/20 hand and by no means special in any way. If these are the hands you are obsessed with, it all makes more sense :)


2nd hand: you get it in with the worst hand and lose. 8T with 30% equity preflop. Looks like you're up against a fun player, which are quite common at these lower level UO qualifiers (partially due to tickets from freerolls and signup bonuses).


3rd hand: you actually get it in good, but villain still got around 30% equity.


4th hand: you bet 3bb preflop, check all through on the flop and then villain bets on the turn when hitting the set. 20/80 preflop again.


5th hand: you bet just 3bb again preflop. Flop you bet 3/4 pot and villain gets great pot odds to call and then hits the flush on turn.


I agree with your conclusion: it's probably better to switch to another site, as you don't seem to have your mind in the right place at the moment, when playing here :) I'll be happy to block the poker product for you, once you've used the ticket.

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