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From 20,00€ to the Moon ?


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Hello poker friends ! Today i’m presenting my poker journey on Unibet. I'm a young student & "poker grinder" that got introduced to poker a couple of years ago. I played it on & off for around 2 years. I was profitable for +- 500 euros between online & live mtt games but nothing too serious. 

In december of 2020 I joined Unibet. Deposited 20€ and I was ready to go play the nano's. I don't really care about my hourly rate, I'm not there for the money but more for the love of the game. I took it as a video game, grinding 0.10€/ 0.25€/0.50€ mtt's up until i have the bankroll for playing 1-2€ (around 100 buy-ins more of less). 

My end goal is to build up a bankroll of 500-1000€ in order to allow myself to play some 5&10€ mtt's. 

I have an Excel sheet where I track all my results. I find it quite useful to be able to look back and see what u have accomplished so far. It really helps during those downswings periods.


@nightshopper If u read this thx for the journal advice !

I will now post each monthly report since December 2020.

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So during December i played 168mtt's for an average buy-in of 0,64€.

  • 60 x 1€ : mostly some SNG's but I didn't really like the format, probably lost 3buy-ins over 20games. 1€ bounties / and 10 hexapros that where probably played during tilt periods...
  • 65 x 0.25-0.50€ (combined): all mtt's after 6pm up until 11pm (Belgium time). I find the tournament's structure quite good (expect that 300bb starting stack bounty 0.25eu with 8minutes levels...). I also played some qualifiers to keep the grind exciting.
  • 2x 2-5€: Well thats way out of my bankroll management, but i got an excuse I played a homegame bounty with some friends (i ended up first of 4 for around 20eu, nice boost) but i was gonna reload 5eu in the account anyway if i lost.

Some cashes for the month:

  1. 19.60€: HomeGame 5.00eu 29/12/2020
  2. 14.90€ : Second in the Galaxy 0.50cents 10/12/2020
  3. 12.90€ : Second in the Galaxy 0.50cents 09/12/2020
  4. 10.90€: First in the Deep impact 0.25cents 14/12/2020
  5. 10.01€: First in the Deep impact 0.25cents 15/12/2020
  6. 10.00€: A 10x in a Hexapro 1eu (yeah i got lucky i know...)


To sum up:

results: First month grinding, i'm up to 88.33€ for around 168mtt's played at an average of 0.64€. I had around 8-10 final tables and got deep in most of them ! My deep runs have been blessed and i am more than glad for it. Let's hope i keep beeing this lucky in the future.

Mentally: I am confident in my game and I really start understanding how the nano's field work. I need to improve my patience and stop being creative against those aggro fishes; play strong & let them do mistakes. ****

Bankroll : 88.33€ (+68.33€ from 20.00€ deposit)

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January 2021





So during January 2021 i played 119 MTT's for an average buy-in of 0,91€.

  • 60x 0.25 & 0.50€ (combined): still the same tournaments as during december, mtt's between 6pm & 11pm (Belgium Time). I'am now used to the field and apply the same strategy. Still making stupid mistakes when i loose focus.
  • 32x 1.00€: 100% mtt's this month, no more hexapro or SNG's. Mostly played the 1eu Falling Star bounty, 1eu Low LeaderBoard, 1€ space madness bounty.
  • 11x Qualifiers 0.1-0.2-0.4€: I didn't get payed in any tournament i got qualified for, thought that i wasted my money and i prefered to focus on regular tournaments.
  • 10x 2.00€: Well it seems i didn't learn my lessons about BRM once again. I added some 2.00eu mtt's to keep the grind exciting and to fill in some of my sessions in order to have around 4-6 tables running. Not the best idea but the choice in tournament is limited so i have to take shots.
  • 6x 5.00€: January is my birthday month so i felt free to take some shots in 5.00eu tournaments. I got trapped in the 5.00 rebuy + add-ons and had no other choice than to add-on when we were 60 left. How course karma is a bitch and i finished 3 out of the money... No hard feelings because i enjoyed playing this one and it fullfilled me with motivation.

Some cashes for the month:

  • 22.51€: First in the Galaxy 0.5€ 14/01/2021
  • 23.68€: 8th in the Black Hole 5.00€ 15/01/2021
  • 14.25€: 4th in the Leaderboard Low bounty 1.00€ 17/01/2021
  • 27.02€: First in the Falling Star Bounty 1.00€ 13/01/2021
  • 19.11€: Second in the Black Hole Nano 0.5€ 04/01/2021
  • 12.59€: Second in the Galaxy Nano 0.5€ 02/01/2021


To sum up:

results: Start of the month at 88.33€ played 119 mtt's for an average of 0.91€. Milestone of 100.00€ achieved the 03/01. Ended the month at 153.83€.

Mentally: Since january is the month where i have my exams i wasn't as rested as i should have been. The first hundreds mtt's almost broke even and i found my sessions to be long & a bit boring. Except those nights where a nice deep run openned the final table's door ! I changed my playlist and worked a bit on my mindset.

Bankroll : 153.83€ (+65.50€ from 01/01/2021 88.33€ start)

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So during February 2021 i played a total of 90 mtt's for an average of 0.97€. I didn't play alot during the first half of the month, wasn't feeling like it and i know i tend to spew a lot in those moments.

  • 44 x 0.25-0.50€ (combined): Still grinding the most juiciest tournaments, Galaxy Nano / Black Hole nano / Deep impact nano / Space madness nano
  • 26x 1.00€: Like usual the 1.00€ bounties & leaderboard nano.
  • 16x 2.00€: Since the 200.00€ milestone has been achieved we got the 100BI for the 2.00€ limit ! I try to avoid those rebuy + add-ons tournaments since they often cost at least 4.00€.
  • 0x 0.10-0.20€ (combined): I stopped playing those limits since the tournaments are mostly qualifiers or not interresting for my Bankroll.


I also played some NL4 Cash Game during the second half of the month:


I played around 850 hands (more or less, i don't have a precise idea since it's impossible to track it) and won 262.5bb. Giving me an average of around 30bb/100, i probably ran a bit lucky but i think NL4 on Unibet can be beatable with a 20-30bb average since so much players are just giving away money.

The first sessions where really nice, i played tight and scouted the rest of the field in order to have an idea of how CG players differ from MTT ones. But the overall metagame of CG isn't what i like at all, it's boring and often frustrating. This last session was just running AK into AA & QQ into AA, it happens it's part of the game.

I comtapilized the 10.50€ win into the bankroll.

Some cashes for the month:

  • 54.74€: First in the Protostar bounty 2.00€ 02/02/2021
  • 5.03€: Second in the Dwarf Star bounty nano 0.25€ 03/02/2021
  • 53.05€: First in Serius Banzai bounty 2.00€ 10/02/2021
  • 10.00€: Hexapro 1.00€ 10x multi 17/02/2021
  • 8.64€: Third in the Galaxy Nano 0.50€ 23/02/2021
  • 12.53€: 8th or 9th in the Space Madness Bounty

To sum up: 

results: Start of the month at 153.83€ played 90mtts for an average of 0.93€. 200€ milestone passed the 04/02. Ended the month at 247.81€.

Mentally: Not much volume for this month, way behind december & january. I lost taste in the game after breaking even for 50 tournaments in the beginning of the month. But afterwards winning my 2 biggest scores felt really nice, the stress during the FT made it thrilling & i enjoyed playing my A game.

Bankroll : 247.81€ (+93.98€ from 01/02/2021 153.83€ start). Best monthly result & 2 best scores of the challenge. Let's break that 54.74€ record during Mars !



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Thanx u @Esir ! I tried to keep it simple with the most relevant informations. And since it's mostly micro's no need to make a big fuss from it. 


And i anyone else has advice on how i should plan my next sessions & strategy i would be glad to hear from it ! 



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Very nice challenge, very nice overview! 

What I recognize is that if you play with strict bankroll management, sometimes it gets kinda boring. Certainly when your BR doesn't go up or down much, it feels like nothing's happening and you feel the need to play higher. I've made that mistake so many times, it's human but most times it's bad for the BR and for the mental state of mind. One thing I can recommend is to learn how to play satellites, cause imo they are the safest way to take shots. In your case it would be nice to have some €5 and €10 tickets in your account. The best way to learn seems reading Poker Satellite Strategy by Dara O'Kearny and Barry Carter. To be honest I've bought it and still haven't read it, but according to many people this book is the best way to learn about qualifiers.

GL with the challenge, I'm looking forward to your next posts!


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@GR1ZZL3R Oh yes thank you man, i couldn't find it back. 
Thank God For You Dk GIF by TV 2 ZULU

I just saw i haven't posted my mars 2021 results, will probably give an update to it since it's my best month. 

Planned on starting a new bankroll challenge begin of september. Will probably write a next chapter in this forum. 

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