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I have Mission Special tickets for the $1000 & $3000 that I cannot use and are about to expire. Try to register in the lobby and it says I have no tickets. 

At the same time I won the Mission Special tickets, I also won a 2 Euro HexaPro ticket and I think it was 10 and 25  free spins. I got shafted on both of those rewards too!

On the Hex game I tried to use the same ticket twice, the first time some sort of bug happened where the game wouldn't start, so I restarted the App. After I restarted the App, I wasn't seated at the table anymore and I still had the ticket, so I tried to join another game and yet again another bug where I couldn't play the game, but this time the ticket disapeared.

When I won the special mission 10 free spins, I tried to play the game and got nothing but a black screen, so I couldn't even play and when I won the 25 free spins, the first 10 spins completely disappeared and I was left with 25 spins, which I still couldn't use.

And on top of this, the app regularly crashes and when I join a tournament the screen says something like "wait to be seated" for several seconds. About 15% of the time give or take, I will not get seated and I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs, waiting for something to happen.

If I have 3 or 4 tables open and the app crashes and I have to restart, there is a very slim chance that all the tables will reopen and will get stuck restarting the app 20 times before all the tables open at the same time, otherwise all I see is the "waiting to be seated" message, stuck in limbo. It's a constant guessing game as to whether  the game is going start or the App is bugging out.

~I have several snapshots if needed.

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