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Live Stream not functional , website full of errors !


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Hello my fellow unibet friends and admins 


What is going on with unibet this last 2 months ?? Live streams nearly impoosible to watch like right now there are 8 games live but cant watch any of them !!The website is completely bugged.You pick your favourite games but as soon as you click on one of them the whole screen is filled up with just one game so you cant follow and browse between your favourites picked ?! :( and many other issues.It would be a very long message if i continue to write the thing here is that it was not like this before.Why dont we get informed about the problems and that they will be fixed what has happened to you Unibet since New year :( You have been my favourite bookmaker for over 4 years and i am very sorry to see this many problems thats not getting fixed!

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