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Well, its been a while since I have updated my blog - no Supernova wins to report 😪.  I have been quite busy in Feb with college and other ventures so I could not grind like January. We booked a winning month in Feb, with a large portion of the BR withdrawn for reasons outside of poker.

I will use this blog to keep a record of the UOS this series - I aim to play the Low, Medium and High events, and compete for the leaderboards. I will play the 1.1K MAIN EVENT, 250UK, 300 Highroller, aswell as all the low stakes events.

The last series - a bounty series saw me take 7th in the leaderboard - I aim to beat that and I have a few attempts.

I will post my finish in each event and will count all buy ins/ cashes in  a months time at the end of the series. I will play other tournies but that will be excluded from this blog. My aim is to make 10000 euro profit, similar to my best month ever. Lets hope I haven't jinxed it and will have to report on a 5000 euro downsing 🤣

GL everyone and I will keep you posted. LL

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Ok, first week of the  series finished. A few deepsih runs but nothing crazy yet - I have played all High, Medium and Low buy ins.

It's hard to do all chronologically so I will put them all by how they appear in the lobby.

Event         Buy in            Cash

E18            10                     X

E11              5                      X

E30           5                         X

E40          5                          X

E27         5                            X

E14         5                            X

E8           5                             X

E43       20                              X

E24      20                             X

E5         20                             X

E37        20                             X

E34      20                              48.48

E21      20                                X

E2      20                                   X

E25     50                                X

E19      50                                X

E12     25                                46.77

E31    25                                   5.88

E35      50                                    X

E28     25                                    X

E22     50                                    472.90

E15    25                                        X

E44    100                                       X

E6      100                                      X

E38     100                                       X

E41       50                                        107.57

E9          50                                         64.39 + 116.79

E3           100                                       X

E32        100                                       X

E16          100                                    X



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First week total buy ins-      1185                                 First week total cashes - 862.78                         Total P/L            - 322.22

So ater the first week I would be down  322 euro had I directly bought in to every event. Luckily this is not the case as I was grinding many sattelites for the 50 and 100 events, witha great roi, although I wish I had tracked them all. I have played few other tournaments as Febuary saw me back in college, although I had a few good score (350-400). I was a small winner across the month - about 1500 euros. Looking forward to some bigger buy in events at the weekend. I find it strange that I performed better in the Mid buy ins  - I haven't cashed a "Low" yet, although I struggle to give a 5 euro buy in the same respect as a 100 etc. Will try to work on this. I remain competitive in the Mid leaderboard and I am in the 30's overall. Will try post daily results this week.

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