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Poker release notes 3.5


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Thanks @Andy-Unibet 

Pretty much bought it for better mobile xperience than playing with phone when i don't feel like sitting at computer, i guess i'll return it if it ain't up for it task. I know processor ain't top notch either as some high graphic slots are bit laggy, that i don't mind but if poker is that bad, then device is useless so if you can tell should it run poker fine it would be appriciatedūüėÉ

Screenshot_20210311-155821.png.08b9fb0a1e5a63140daf24185373124c.pngScreenshot_20210311-155740.png.08c9f6d430d2a52e7fbfaadd405ff39e.pngScreenshot_20210311-155428.png.bd2f76765ee9ba81054cf7dfdacbaaae.pnghaven't had any wifi problems with phone or computer use so i doubt that is the problem

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Hey @Stubbe-Unibet 

Would it be possible to implement the top-up slider changes to also tickets?

For example: I have only 60bb left on my ticket, so I decide to play with my own money. 

Now I click to choose cash, and the slider is always automatically on minimum aswell. So it takes multiple steps again to switch from a ticket to the full 100bb topup.

Obviously, it's much smaller thing given that the tickets are not as often used, but had a chance to get my ticket via Move Up promotion and got a little annoyed but that one too :)


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