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Best Poker Streamers on Twitch at the moment?


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Hey Guys, 

I am going to start watching Twitch to improve my game, and I was wondering who the best streamers are currently for learning how to beat the games?

I'm not just talking about Unibet, can be any site really. I am playing on Unibet, but we can learn from any player I guess that is streaming their play and explaining their thought process. 

I'm on the lookout for good streamers who are beating their games and explain their thoughts well. So less interested in entertainment value, and more interested in players that are highly skilled, beating their game, and watchable!

In these Categories: 




So if you know any player in any of the above categories that is good, can you post their name and a link to their stream?

I used to enjoy watching Uhlen play cash at 400nl, but seems he hasn't posted in a while, his website is full of spam at the moment too, so guess Uhlen's stopped streaming? So anyway guys.. go ahead share your thoughts for who is worth watching in the above categories please!

Hopefully if enough people chime in, this will be a useful resource for anyone in 2021 on the lookout for some instructional content to watch to improve their game.

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Thanks @HardGain I will check them out! 

For SNG's / Spin N Go's I reccomend OP-Poker (their spin n go course is really great too)


Does anyone know any good cash players that stream? I'm looking to eventually be able to beat 100nl online for a decent winrate, am going to start back at 25nl in a few weeks... and would like to watch some good players in the meantime!

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Sadly, a lot of cash game streamers turned into MTTs, because it brings more viewers. I'll check out my following list again.

Kalthorr (party's Diamond Club ELITE) is a great / massive fast tables cash game player, crushing leaderboards, but he does not stream that much lately :(


For CG also  consider the streamer Scrimitzu, he's also a coach and he wrote a book for cash game . He will always answer to your question about hes plays if you ask him in chat :Thumbsup:

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