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Changes to all Slots 31.10.2021


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Enjoy the luxory of auto-play feature while you still can guys, it's not gonna be there forever 😞

Although I don't see all these as that bad thing. When the spins needs to last at least 2,5 seconds, for example, it kinda evens out the ridiculous edge that the use of rapidfiring with autoclickers on competitions gives to ppl using those over the ones playing games the simple way.

Making returns smaller than the bet to look like "wins" is just pure cancer alright, that should've been banned a long time ago.






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I find the changes good, except the auto-play. I use it at slots which I've played so much that rarely a win below x100 makes impression. Especially when the free-spins feature comes in few hundreds spins on average and is the exciting part of the gameplay. For example Book/Legacy of Dead where sometimes I even leave the room for few minutes. The hands need a rest too and in my case a cigarette in the right one from time to time 😏

Also the auto-play imo gives more clear idea of statistics and time of play and is less tilt-inducing than turbo-clicking frenzy mode. Maybe the idea of illusion of control is diminished too for slots like my examples and many others. It happens when 2 bonus symbols are present and you try to "nail" the last one by fast-click.

It won't be a big surprise if in the future these changes spread over more and more regulation markets.

The tournaments are interesting part of the equation esp. when the time matters and the participants have different rules of gameplay.

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