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Just a few hours short of two days ago, I made two withdrawals, one for £70 and another for £30. These withdrawals were made using Trustly Direct Banking, I've used Trustly for deposits and withdrawals with various bookmakers before, and withdrawals (once processed by their finance team) have always arrived within minutes.

I made the withdrawal to my RBS account, it's been nearly two days and so far no sign of the money, the withdrawals are still showing as "Pending" which I don't understand, do the finance team not process withdrawals on a weekend? The first one was made late Friday night, and the second one early hours of Saturday morning. 

Whilst i'm not neccessarily expecting the funds to be in my account now, it seems a bit slow that after nearly 48 hours, the withdrawals still haven't even been processed fully yet.

By comparison, I use PaddyPower yesterday, I won £110 from a £20 bet, I withdrew that £110, and within 15 minutes, it was in my RBS account, my Nationwide account is even quicker and instant withdrawals via Visa Faster funds arrive to that account in mere seconds. Earlier today, I made another withdrawal from Paddypower, £20, that also arrived within half an hour.

It's a bit dissapointing to find that when I went to withdraw, and selected Trustly which was listed as direct banking, and specifically mentions "Few minutes, up to 24 hours", after nearly 48 hours it doesn't appear they've even been processed.

This isn't a new account either, I've had this Unibet account since September 2015...

Would appreciate a member of staff looking into this, or at least advising me what the delay is, the few minutes up to 24 hours has so far turned into 48.... 

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