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Feature to check how many hands you've played in a given time in the client


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Hey Unibet and community!

There used to be a feature in the client where you could see how many flops you saw in the last 24 hours, I used to use this to give me a rough idea of how many hands I'd played (even though it's not that accurate it was something) in the last session / or 24 hours. 

That's gone now, but it's really useful to know. So this request is for a feature in the client that works like this:

  • You go to your profile.
  • You select a date, or date range.
  • You select a stake. 
  • The client tells you how many hands at NLH Cash games you were dealt in that time frame at those stakes.


This would be very useful for knowing how many hands you played, so we could check how much 'volume' we are putting in, in any given time.

From this we could calculate ourselves things like profits (or... loss!) in BB/100 etc. because we would know how many hands we had been dealt.

I know you can get some info if you ask Unibet Support to send you a report (not sure if this includes hands played?), but this kind of info is handy to have on a day by day basis quickly at your fingertips if possible.


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@Jami-Unibet this would be very useful if could be implemented . I also want to make a challenge for 2023 but requesting every week to see how many hands i played its pretty inconvenient  . Is there a way this could be implemented in the future ? 

  I know unibet is focusing o recreational players but this could be a very useful toll poker players could have in the future . 

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Hi @xRunningGoodand welcome.

This is a feature that has been requested many times but never seems to be a priority, so the only ways to check are in the Game Lab or requests from customer services. It actually is very quick, click on Game Lab achievements before each session for the current hand count then check afterwards, if you remember, I tend to forget. 🤔

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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