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Can not provide correct i.d passport out of date


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Hi I recently opened an account with you and deposited alot of £20-£50 amounts over a couple of weeks. Never once was I asked for i.d when my money was instantly credited. My bank card isn't the best for doing numerous deposits in a row, I was using PayPal, then found skrill alot easier, I didnt no about it, my sister showed me her account and explained what to do, and that I can use it whenever I like, as its linked to her spare account, basically she can only deposit with skrill if she has especially transferred money to that bank account. So I was doing much the same, transferring to her account and depositing to you through skrill. This was never questioned? You were happy to take £2000 or there abouts, I finally gave up with your games and decided to withdraw the measly £200 and cut losses.


But know you can not even payout that 10% of my deposits because now you need all this I.d...

I do not have a driving licence, passport is out of date, and no birth certificate. Ofcourse  I have proof of address But pointless alone.


And now you are attempting to not payout due to me using a skrill account not registered to me?! So how on earth could you process my deposits if this isn't allowed?! And why wasn't i ever asked for i.d when I signed up, or when I tried to deposit with all those 3 different methods? Why, like other casinos if required, did you not make sure I was 100% aware I could never withdraw any money unless I provided i.d?? The new gambling laws do state you must fully verify the account prior to accepting any bets, even free ones?

If my sisters skrill account isn't acceptable, and I am not accepted to have an account with you, due to no I.d, why did you take all that money from me? Why did you process payments not registered to my address or name?! 


I now can not believe you are attempting to keep all those disallowed deposits, aswell as the poxy £200 i managed to claw back feebly through your very ungenors slots.


The amount of people you are doing this kind of thing too is absolutely disgusting and so so unprofessional, huge money maker for unibet with knowledge we will not pay costs to bring you to court over few hundred pounds, we would be worse off. The amount of money you are holding on suspended or closed accounts will be an extremely large figure. How long are these monies held on accounts where incorrect documents are provided? Before you unlawfully release it back into your pockets? 


If unibet was a fair and customer satisfying business, there would be two options given on each of these accounts wouldn't there? Either send all deposits back to payment methods (which is correct due to these accounts not being allowed, payments should not have been accepted without verification) or at very very least, process the withdrawals whilst shuting these accounts?!  


It is all so so dodgy and corrupt, I have never, in all my years of online gambling, ever seen this occur. There have been two casinos which done as you do, allowed my to open account, deposit for as long as I wanted, then upon withdrawal suspended account asked for documents, but in the meantime sent the withdrawal to my account no problems at all, if I could not provide the I.d my account remains closed.


Please advise what will be done now with my funds

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