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Cash/tournamnet ticket

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Hi, is it possible to replace cash ticket and Unibet open toruny tickets? I received 6Euro cash ticket, but I play much higher limits so if it is possible to replace that with cash? Furthermore I have 25Euro *1 Unibet open ticket and 4Euro*2 Unibet opne ticket, I would also like to replace that with cash, becasue I don't have time to play tournamnets?

Thank you in advance

SN: jelenarozga

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@jelenarozga  welcome to the community!

Cash ticket should be used on 'target' tables, so precisely your's CG6 should be used on NL4+PL4 tables. Sit-down let the money goes and once you get lower than 50BB on your's ticket, you should leave the table and cash will be added to your's bankroll. Another option is pass that 300 flops requirements mark.

Concerning UB tickets either you play them-up or let them expire. I think that on-one will exchange them for a cash ...

Wish you a good luck 👍

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