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Share your coupon and get € 50/Here is my coupon!


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Greetings to Malta,and to all community members as well!

Here is my funny/weird/grazy coupon example, a few days ago when I bet in Unibet and think about this community I saw Austria-Malta game in Live-bet options and get feeling that now it is time to bet. It was a sign.

It happens that just few minutes ago I read tipster/sport betting pro Jorma Vuoksenmaa's one interview where here said that don't follow media or other people when you bet to sport, so I decide to trust my intuition and what could happend next. Maybe bet was small but odds was good, so I bet that next goal do Malta.

And what happens, Austria made own goal and that way my bet won! Odds 14 € for that, bet 1 €.

Somewhere have to start with small but brave steps.

With that little story I would like to share this coupon with you, good luck to all!


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