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Dear 2021, Rich 2021


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I would like to make small changes on my strategy (for example: one deposit month, excluding 50-100% bonus offers, less and bigger withdrawals than in 2020, play only 98+% payout and favourite slots, excluding the casino tournaments, forget to bingo, excluding between 1.00 am. - 5.00 am.). Like to bet on live, but need to drop the betting on unknown leagues and sports (bowls, crickets, aussie rules, gaelic sports, etc.) and will play 4-5-6 folds ACCAs instead 10-12 events. One more thing: want to be a rich until December 31 2021, instead in the next minutes. I must to try post on my every bets, tickets. Start: as soon. Goal: 3.000-5.000€ profit (8-13€ per day), so looks possible challenge. 

P.S.: I hope the mods will approve to start a similar competition as horse racing competition. I will write to them and share my new ideas. 

P.S.2: I bought few English lessons/week, so hope the members understand my post in the future. 

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