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i didnt realize i had to verify with my drivers license after i registered.  There was nothing saying this when i made my deposit of course.  So i proceeded to play and basically just donated my money to you guys because i didnt win a damn thing.   Without verification the games do not give you the same fair win %     Why is it that nothing is said to me when i make my deposit but after i lose all my money it shows up ??   This is bull❤️♥️❤️ !!    I only deposited $10.00 but ive played enough of these casinos to know that what just happened to me is not fair to say the least.    Im sure you can check my games history and win/loss info and youll see it was one loss after the other until it was all gone.   It was only when i exited the game that i saw the "verification needed" window.   I kind of expect some kind reimbursment for that !!!

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