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Mistakes and questions about yesterday low R/A


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Hello, Unibet-Stubbe! I am J_Pok3r (Jok3rpoker) which is kinda obvious and I was the one Who knocked you out in one of the tourns yesterday and with 74K stack at that time, I have not received anything yet and I was wondering if you could send me my reward as promised, that would be awesome. Aswell as even though it doesnt matter for the leaderboard result, You should edit in the 11 points I should have had on the leaderboard low table, because i won 11 euros in the tourn yesterday and my poker alias J_Pok3r is more than enough similar to my community name "Jok3rpoker" and I also use the same login email and passw on the poker app like here. So would be awesome if you could fix this soon? I also have Proof in screenshots etc to send on email correspondance if needed, Thanks im advance, hopping for Quick answer etc :) 

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